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Oscar-winning animator Ray Harryhausen gives an exclusive insight into cinema’s most famous monster creations and special effects secrets with the actual models used in such classics as Clash of the Titans. Narrated by Tom Baker.

Feature film drama. King Henry VIII arrives at a manor house closed for the season. Henry is without the power and control of his palace and is vulnerable from those around him, and from his own sanity. Monarch unfolds on one night in the year of Henry’s death, 1547


There are over 130,000 homeless children in Britain today. For the first time children give a unique insight into their lives in their own words in this claimed documentary using animation to tell the story.

Nominated for the Rose d’Or 2010


This BAFTA nominated documentary was television’s first anger management series challenging perceptions of teenage anger with four extreme and ground breaking cases.

Winner of the New York Film & TV Festival

Second series of the successful gap year adventure series with all new British teenagers on another global adventure from the orphans in Romania, the railways of India, sheep farming in Iceland and cotton picking in Louisiana.

trex 2

Just how well would some city teenagers behave if they had to live and work on a real Derbyshire diary farm? We have the answer in the painful and emotive summer of 1998 on a remote farm

This BAFTA nominated documentary was television’s first anger management series challenging perceptions of teenage anger with four extreme and ground breaking cases

Headhunting the Homeless

Nominated for the Grierson Awards for Best Factual Series, this series followed homeless people on their way back to work. These moving stories of human frailty and redemption, gave for the first time, a dignified voice to homeless people who are not often heard and seldom depicted as real human beings.


Model agency Gavin’s, throws it’s doors open for the first time to reveal

what really happens to the beautiful people who want to hit the big time

The Masque of Draperie

A revealing look at the private occasions attended by Her Majesty as she attends a Masque performance by drama students at the historic Drapers Company. This programme features Ewan McGregor in his first on screen appearance.

Series 1

Series 2

The travel adventure series which puts six teenagers through their paces in foreign climbs in the rice fields of China, Volks Wagen car factory in Mexico, salmon processing on Vancouver Island and husky mushing in Alaska.

This BAFTA nominated film follows disabled children embarking upon a unique project that sees them train in martial arts for the first time, but there are unexpected results and the lives of the children are changed forever. Narrated by David Tennant.

British teenagers take on a ranch in Montana, USA. This is heavy duty work which involves branding and castrating cattle. But cabin fever and home sickness soon takes over and the group begin to disintegrate against a backdrop of some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in America.

Cowboyz & Cowgirlz

One hundred teenagers from the UK are sent on missions to China, India and Brazil to immerse themselves in the worlds fast growing economies. They will report back to Prime Minister Gordon Brown at Downing Street on their return

The Prime Minister’s 
Global Fellowship

For the first time on television children reveal what life is like when a parent goes off to war. Three families reveal the reality of life without Dad. For some a return is around the corner, for others a loss will affect the rest of their lives.  Narrated by Gareth Gates.

Against all the odds, BAFTA nominated film-maker and Labour voter John Walsh becomes a Conservative Candidate for a seat in a Labour heartland during the British 2010 General Election Campaign. What he uncovers is a place where intimidation and neglect have scarred a town that politics has forgotten. Click here for more